PlayExpo Blackpool – The Game

A few years ago I made a game based on PlayExpo Blackpool. It featured a fully explorable Norbreck Hotel, and interactive people based on the events guests.

The graphics were all created in Teletext by Teletext wizard, Horsenburger, who really did used to work on Teletext in the 90s. His graphics made an ok-ish text adventure really pop.

It featured appearances from the guests at that years PlayExpo, and I asked each of the people featured in the game what their character would say in the game, so when you interact with Jeff Minter or Jim Bagley for example, the replies really are from Jeff Minter and Jim Bagley.

I got permission to use the PlayExpo name from Andy Brown.

It was quite good. Play it here:

Or watch a full play-through by Tamaracade:

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