Eat The Treat

Eat The Treat was an idea I had, to try to eat one of every chocolate bar that a sweet shop sells. I think I got to about 150 different items before deciding to take a break.

In retrospect, eating 150 different bars of chocolate in just less that a year was a bad idea. At the end of it I needed three fillings, I had put on about a stone in weight and was soon be be diagnosed with a heart condition known as SVT.

After having palpatations one time and going to the doctor, he asked me about my health and diet. The conversation went something like this:

Doc : So, do you exercise?
Me : Not really, but I do walk most weekends though.
Doc : Ok, and hows your diet?
Me : Well… over the last 6 months I’ve probably eaten over 100 bars of chocolate.
Doc : Do you like chocolate a lot?
Me : I don’t know. I’m eating different bars most day to review them. I haven’t liked them all, really.
Doc : *confused face* I’m going to refer you to a specialist.
Me : A specialist? In chocolate?
Doc : No.

And I’ve been on heart meds every since.


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